Contact List for SMS Message Action

I am trying to create a macro that will send SMS messages to 3 different phone numbers. All 3 of the numbers are Google Voice accounts. I created 3 separate contacts, each with one of the Google Voice numbers entered as a Mobile number. I put 3 "Send SMS to" actions in the macro. When I click on the Contact dropdown in each of the actions, only one of the new contacts appears in the lengthy list of all of my contacts. Is there some way to force KM to update the Contact list so I will see all of my contacts? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hey Rick,

I think the pop-up menu only show recent contacts.

You should be able to enter the correct name of the card in Contacts and then go-to-town.


The popup only shows recipients in Messages - there has to already be a conversation with them. Contacts and its database are not relevant to the action.

So if you send each of the people a message, so they each have an entry in Messages, then it should show up.

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Doing this alone did not work. I then edited the contact names. I originally had names like "Google Voice1", "Google Voice2" and "Google Voice3". I changed the names to distinct ones without numerals in them. Then I resent an SMS to each of them and only then did the contact names show up in the pop-up.

Thank you.

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