Contextual menu, how?

How do I simulate a right click or a two finger tap on a track pad to get a contextual menu? The next step would be to move down the menu a specific distance to click, easy enough to do that. But with an item already highlighted you can right click anywhere on the screen to get the contextual menu which will then use your menu selection to affect that selected file.

It isn’t about cursor position then, and I haven’t yet found the right keyboard command as this menu does not appear in the apps menu bar anywhere. It is probably something simple I am not seeing but I would appreciate some ideas.


This for example will open the Get Info menu item from the contextual menu (in the Finder):

[test]Contextual Menu.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

Make the inserted text just as long as necessary to get the correct item selected.

This is not true for example in the Finder.

My apologies for being imprecise. This is something that I am trying to do only in HoudahSpot. In HS, when I have a list of files I normally go up and down using the arrow keys to view a file. Because of this, the file is already selected so using the mouse does not enter into it.

Actually, the mouse does enter into it somewhat. I am left clicking on the selected file that is already selected in the list view. Perhaps this is a question for the developer but, I figured that if a file is selected and I hit the enter key and it opened there should also be a way to use KM to feign the left click command to apply items in the contextual menu.

Because a file is already selected in HS, if I hit the enter key, then the file would open. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to trigger the contextual menu and select from it - without using the mouse.

What I am doing a lot of the time is renaming a file, adding a tag to a file, or entering comments in the info box for a file. HS contextual menu allows for a command to rename of tag a file and a separate command to show the file info in Finder. Unfortunately none of those commands have a numerical equivalent so I have to trigger the contextual menu and then tell it how far down the menu to go and then trigger the command.

As far as I can tell most of the menu items in HS’s contextual menu are also available from its Results menu:

So – I think – it shouldn’t be a problem to assign missing shortcuts via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, for example:

Alternatively you can also access the menus via KM:

Opps, my bad. If it was a snake, it would have bit me. OK then, thanks.