Continuous Disk Writes?


I've noticed the Keyboard Maestro Engine is constantly writing to disk - about 65KB/sec. Haven't traced the location it's writing to, but is this normal?

I suppose one of my macros could be firing and producing log messages but that seems kind of egregious.

The only files that seem writable that the process has open are these:


Hey Stef,

Nyet. Not normal.

Try disabling all of your groups and re-enabling then one at a time, until the disk-writing starts up again.


What tool are you using to show this?

Chris, I'm not sure if I'm reading the Activity Monitor correctly, but it would appear to me that KM Engine is very frequently writing:

Hey JM,

I believe the Activity Monitor's disk activity display is global.


I have iStat Menus shows per-process disk activity.

I see this continuously while the system is on. It never stops writing to disk.


Hey Stef,

I've used iStat Menus for many years myself.

I don't recall ever having seen Keyboard Maestro in the Disk menu.

For Peter's sake please give us the versions of both KM and your macOS.


I don't know what iStat Menus shows, so that's hard to know what it is even refering to,

Looking at Keyboard Maestro Engine in Activity Monitor, Disk view, my “Bytes Written” went up by 0.1MB after several minutes (while using my Mac normally, including triggering various macros), so that is clearly a lot less than 70 KB/s (which is 4MB/minute).

So I would suggest you start by looking at what Keyboard Maestro is doing, perhaps first looking at the Engine.log file (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder). Obviously if it is doing a lot fo stuff continuously, that would change things. There are other reasons why Keyboard Maestro might be working hard even without log messages (such as servicing requests from the Keyboard Maestro editor, or running a long running macro). Checking if there are macros running (in the status menu, Cancel submenu) would be another place to look.

All sorts of actions could in running macros could write lots of data obviously.