Control iPad via Remote (Teamviewer) + Keyboard Maestro for a Senior Family Member

How can I assist her from a distance? What are my options to assist her? Can I control something? Close windows or take over her screen like one do in Zoom (not sure if zoom works on Ipads like that).

I have not tried Teamviewer yet. I heard it cannot control anything only show her screen and make me able to talk to her.

Is it a way I can tell her to open a Keyboard Maestro menu with different options?

Could a Keyboard Maestro macro menu be triggered via a app symbol on her desktop or in the button area of her iPad?

She does not know how to close tabs in Safari easily and they stack up.

Any way KM could shut down all tabs in Safari at once?

And yes I am not an experienced iPad user yet. New for me as well.

A quick Google Search reveals a number of options, including TeamViewer:

KM works ONLY on a Mac, so it will not be of much use in controlling an iPad.

I am not going for a remote control. I want to control the iPad from my Mac via internet so I may assist this senior family member, show her stuff etcetera, show her how to do things, solve issues. I am away from where she lives, cannot help her at her home there and then @JMichaelTX

Hey Saimen,

Yes, we get that – unfortunately Keyboard Maestro cannot be used to control an iPad.

Is the iPad her only computing device?


Actually that is exactly what you are asking for:

You want to control a distant iPad from your Mac. That is "remote control".

Hi Chris . Yes. Correct.

Hey Saimen,

I haven't used this, so it's a shot in dark – but perhaps this app might help:

TeamViewer QuickSuppor‪t‬


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