Control + Number doesn't as a hot key trigger

Recently I updated my MacBook Pro M2 Pro to Sonoma 14.2.1 of MacOS. And I faced this problem. The trigger Control + Number which previously used to work now doesn't. I tried everything written on Troubleshooting page which didn't help. I also used Interactive Help menu to try to activate the macro, but the trigger didn't work. However, other hot key triggers do work, including triggers containing Control key, such as Control + Letter or Control + Shift + Number.

Is there a way to fix it?

Maybe you have a multiply defined Hot Key. Check out System Settings, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts.

There's also a neat freebie app that will tell you which app is capturing the keystrokes when you press them: ShortcutDetective. (There are many apps on that page; scroll down quite a ways to ShortcutDetective.)


Went through all of them. The only ones that use Control are to show Mission control (Control + Up), to show app windows (Control + Down) and to switch to next or previous space (Control + Left / Right).

Thanks for the suggestion. That app would have really helped, but unfortunately it does not work for me. It detects the hotkey, but crashes after couple of seconds.

I had the problem a few years back and it was something like what is described in the thread linked below. I think I found a terminal command to solve it. Hope you will find a way.

Sorry to hear that :(.