Control-right-arrow trigger?

I’m running Keyboard Maestro on a Mac with Catalina. In Pages, I wanted to trigger a shortcut with control-right-arrow (or control-left-arrow) but it refuses to trigger. Shift-right-arrow (or shift-left-arrow) triggers it, and all my other shortcuts work as intended.

There was some discussion about problems with Mojave in this regard, is this still an issue or am I just missing something obvious?

Here’s a shot of my shortcut that fails:

Here’s a shot of my shortcut that succeeds:

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It appears the system preferences were taking priority over the Keyboard Maestro trigger, despite what many sources say. Try Apple > System Preferences… > Shortcuts > uncheck whatever might be conflicting your trigger.


I am having a similar problem with Control-right arrow in Mojave (10.14.6).
I have a KM macro that I have used successfully with that hotkey for some time to toggle palettes in Nisus Writer Pro. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the hotkey is over-ridden by some system function to move the cursor to the end of a line (which is redundant anyway because Command-right arrow does the same thing). I have been through System Prefs with a fine tooth comb (including all Services), and the hotkey is not listed anywhere there.

What changed? Did a recent system update add a new text shortcut? Shouldn't KM be over-riding it anyway?

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For the record, there are a couple of places where Control-[right/left] Arrow are used by the system without a configurable setting. Those shortcuts, for example, are used instead of Command-Arrow for moving to the beginning/end of a line in the Safari URL field and in Spotlight.

If you're still having trouble determining the source of what is using Control-Arrow, have a look at ShortcutDetective. The app is free and "detects which app receives a keyboard shortcut (hotkey). This is useful because sometimes you aren't able to register a shortcut in an app ... and want to know why."


Thanks for the tip about ShortcutDetective Sodium hydroxide! Unfortunately this appears to be one of those shortcuts that SD cannot intercept, but it's a nice app to have come across.

The puzzle for me is whyb KM is no longer able to over-ride it, when it did so fine until recently.