Control the Z-Index of "Trigger Macro by Name"

I have this audio plugin that when I open the window to save a preset, if I use the shortcut to trigger a macro by name, I don't see it. It hides behind the "save as" window. Unlike KM, if I use the shortcut to open RayCast, their window overlaps the "save as" window.

Is there a way to control this and make the Trigger Macro by Name pop up be in front of everything else?


Once you start dealing with dialog type windows the Z-index is up to the system.

You can move the location of the trigger-macro-by-name dialog though.

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Yeah in this case it was really the position in terms of "depth", because the plugin opens a full screen window.

So changing the position of the KM window wouldn't solve the issue.

Meanwhile I decided that I will use something else, so that plugin will no longer be used.

Thank you for the clarification anyway! Always good to learn something new.

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