Control your Mac via Dictation and Keyboard maestro

Hello everyone,

I’m currently in the trial phase of Keyboard Maestro(which I will buy gladly after) and I’m testing macOs Sierra.
With the integration of Siri, I got curious if I could control Keyboard Maestro with it. Therefore I contacted
Peter Lewis if there are any possibilities. He linked me to this video:

You can create your own Toggles, Commands etc. already via Dictation in El Capitan(and Sierra).
And you can call Maestro Macros via the Open Mail trigger like this: kmtrigger://macro=Mail%20refresh
This command calls my Mail refresh Macro through a dictation command called “refresh Mail”. So, to activate Dictation I set “Jarvis” who everyone should know haha. Now I just say “Jarvis refresh Mail” and my Mail application opens and refreshes.

I just started using it, but already connected some Macros like: 1Password passwords, Deactivate certain BTT settings, different Word macros etc.
It is fairly quick and a nice extension for Keyboard Maestro, Alfred and BTT as it’s built into the System.

Hope anyone else finds this helpful and interesting.




Great tip. I want to restate something the OP kind-of said, but you might miss it:

This works in El Capitan right now. You don’t have to wait for Sierra to use this.

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