Controlling an 8 Channel Ethernet Relay Board for home automation projects

Hi to all,

Just took a punt on ordering an 8 Channel Relay module from Amazon that includes a built in web server to control each relay. Cost about £20 pounds (in the UK). Plan to use this for some home automation projects in the near future.

The supplied instructions were a little poor, but eventually managed to find some better instructions online. I've included a link below, along with my KM macros as an example...

Note:- I have changed the default IP address in my macros to since the factory default settings clashed with my wireless network. You may need to do the same if your airport card is already using a address.

You can change the default address using the web server by going to in your browser first.

A couple of other things to note... The unit does not come with a power supply, but I managed to find a spare 9Vdc 1amp unit at home. It uses a standard 5mm barrel with positive on the centre pin.

I also found a couple of posts on other forums where people were complaining about trying to use 2 or more on the same network. Apparently, the MAC address is set the same on all units, but since I only bought one, I can't confirm that. If you need more than 8 relays, there is also a 16 channel version available that works pretty much the same way.

Hopefully, others will find this useful. My first post here, so hopefully its in the right place!


Instructions here: 101-70-141 - [[:Template:SainSmart Wiki]]

Relay Board Macros.kmmacros (38.1 KB)

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