Controlling Keyboard Maestro with small handheld remote

I’m looking for a way to control basic functions (like write timestamp in a note or toggle recording or scroll down on page) with a small remote control (preferably bluetooth).

I’ve just tried the iphone app and works well, but for this situation I would prefer something simpler (maybe something that i can maybe control from inside my pocket without looking at it). I was thinking about how something like bluetooth shutter for phones (with just two buttons) might work -
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  • but it didnt seem that it was possible to connect it with a mac. Could anyone please offer advice about how this solution might be possible? are there any relatively simple devices/remotes that can connect with mac and be read by Keyboard Maestro to trigger macros?

Also, is there any way to trigger a macro with just one hit on a complication on an apple watch face? that would also work pretty well

Could anybody please offer some input about this?

You might have a look at “Flic”, sounds like what you are looking for,

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