Controlling lights/outlets

Hey, is there any way to control a power outlet being turned on/off with Keyboard Maestro? I’d love to be able to switch on/off the lights in my room with a Keyboard Maestro macro. I know that there’s products like wemo switch that seem to work with certain voice commands but am curious if there’s anything that can work with a keyboard shortcut from Keyboard Maestro. Ideally, I’d want to be able to control an entire surge protector, as a couple of my surge protectors have several lights on them.

It’ll all depend on which ecosystem you buy in to. Once you decide on a platform someone from that community or someone here might be able to help, but you haven’t provided anything to go on yet.

If you go SmartThings, you could use something like this:

I’m sure WeMo and others have similar communities.

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