Controlling media playback

I would like to be shown how to create a macro that allows me to control media playback (rewind, fast-forward, pause/play) in an inactive window or application.

For example, I have a MacBook with two monitors attached.

On one monitor, there is a how-to video playing... On another monitor, I'm following along... I don't want to go back and forth... as this slows down the feed of information and my learning.

Anyone with a macro like this or could create one for me?

Thank you!

I found a very similar question here:

Hi Dom. This one's easy. All you need is....

Thank you!

That does work for the "play" button, but unable to fast-forward or rewind via Keyboard Maestro... I did find an option to simulate "rewind" key and it didn't appear to do anything, at least while I have playback in the background...

I don't know of a proper way to rewind/fast-forward in the background I'm afraid. Perhaps someone else does.

Here's an idea that will RW/FF with ⌃⌥⌘← or ⌃⌥⌘→. Single tap works, as does holding them down until you reach the desired point. I don't have Chrome, so you'll need to adjust the green actions.

FF-RW Background Video.kmmacros (47 KB)

Macro screenshot