Controlling speed of playback

Hi guys, apologies for posting something so basic, but I’ve spent a bunch of time searching and can’t find the answer.

I’ve just come from using a very basic competitor product. This product allowed recording keyboard and mouse actions, and then playing them back. Speed was controlled with a slider. Nothing fancy.

What this allowed me to do was speed up repetitive work on web applications: clicking in the browser, waiting for a reload, clicking, confirming, reloading, typing something, submitting, waiting for reload - you get the idea.

What the slider allowed me to do was fine-tune the playback speed to match my internet speed and typical refresh of the browser.

I can’t be expected to manually insert pause actions between every little step when there could be hundreds of steps. In the competitor product, I couldn’t even edit the macro itself. Just record what I do and play it back, with speed adjustment.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

It is generally a bad idea to use fixed length pauses scattered through your macro. The pause will either be very large to deal with things like page loads, and then unnecessarily large for other places, making the macro needlessly slow.

Instead, use the Wait for browser to Finish Loading action to wait only the required time for the page to load (plus however long is necessary to ensure the page wont restart). Use the Pause Until action whenever possible. And only resort to fixed length Pauses where there is no alternative.

But if you really want to, 7.0 adds a Set Action Delay which will let you set a delay between actions, either globally or only within the current macro. But seriously, this is the wrong approach. Most things don’t need a pause at all, and those that do will vary wildly, making a fixed delay very tedious.


Thanks for your response Peter - I’ll experiment with your suggestions.