Convert a Collection of Audio Files to MP3 and Update Their ID3 Tags

This macro is meant to convert a collection of audio files to mp3 and update their id3 tags with user-prompted data.

Can a variable set to a directory be used in the "The files in directory:" fields of a "For Each Item" action?

The macro seems to run fine, except the id3 tags don't seem to be written despite the lack of any errors from KM. I've tested every shell command separately in Terminal and they all work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. The only thing I could think of is the path isn't being plugged in by the variable.

I'd be grateful for any insight.


Covert to mp3.kmmacros (7.6 KB)

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I've gotten it to work!

Here is the working macro. It requires FFMPEG and HomeBrew to be installed.

Convert to mp3.kmmacros (7.6 KB)

This is a message from the future.... thank you ;p

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