Convert Browserflow to Keyboard Maestro

Hey everyone, I have someone who made a Browserflow automation tool that I’m wondering if I can convert to work in Keyboard Maestro. Browserflow is expensive and it’d be great to use Keyboard Maestro. I’m sure it’s possible, just wondering if the two products are similar enough or if there’s considerable differences which would cause it to be more difficult to convert. Any thoughts?

You'll get the best and quickest answer if you detail what exactly you want KM to do.

How experienced are you with HTML, XPath, JavaScript, etc - because that’s what you’ll have to deal with in Keyboard Maestro? Conversely, Browserflow hides all of that detail from you.

I’d say that while KM can be made to do web scraping its scope of application is much wider so it is very different from Browserflow.

As an example, take a look here to see what one user says about web scraping with KM:

Try searching the KM forum for more examples…