Convert Clipboard text to lowercase

I am trying to make a Macro that will make the text on the clipboard lowercase. I assume the best way to do this is to do a regular expression. Googling around, I found this page which says, I need to search for (\w*) and replace it with \L$1

Let us say my clipboard has the word GARDEN TOOLS. When I run this Macro, I end up with \LGARDEN\L \LTOOLS\L which isn't right.

Thanks for any help

Search and Replace.kmactions (517 B)

Will this help any?

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Perfect! Thanks!


The link provided by @kcwhat makes use of the Clipboard History Switcher to perform the Action to convert the case. You may not want to always use this indirect method. You may prefer a simple macro/action that when triggered just converts the case of the selection or clipboard.

If so, see Filter action.

If you need any help in using this Action, let us know.

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