Convert Current Tag at Section Sign (§)

Handy, when you have to use third-party TMX files in CafeTran Espresso:

  • Open the TMX in a text editor.
  • Replace all (groups of) in-segment tags with a single section sign.

In CafeTran Espresso:

  • Attach the TMX to your project.
  • Use the macro repetitively in all fuzzy matched segments, to replace the section signs with native CafeTran Espresso tags:


Transfer current tag at section sign (§).kmmacros (18.2 KB)

Nice modification:

Transfer current tag between straight double quotes:


Thanks to @ccstone I was able to create an alternative that is faster but can only be used for single and native CafeTran Espresso tags. (So no grouped or third-party tags!)

Replace single native tag(s) at section sign(s) (§) via Search and Replace.kmmacros (16.4 KB)