Convert numbers into a time format

I am sure this has been asked before but I cannot find the exact answer I am looking for and am struggling to understand the information in the wiki as well as the documentation on time formats . I am trying to do something I feel is probably very simple but I just don't know the right syntax/process for executing it in KM.

I have a macro that is running a series of similar tasks. Each task takes the same amount of time to complete, but often the amount of tasks that I am doing at one time will differ. So, my goal was to have KM let me know how long until all of my tasks are completed. Essentially, I run the first task and KM will time how long this takes and then spit out a number. My question is:

"Using the Format option, how can I convert this number into simple time?"

If I had a number such as "0:30" for the first initial task, I could work out how long it would take to complete all of the tasks. I just can't figure out how to format this in a simple way.

Thanks so much!

Never mind! I was able to figure out a solution :slight_smile:

@Ravel, would you mind posting your solution for the benefit of others?
See How To upload your macro .

Sure thing, this is probably not the most elegant answer but it worked for me:

Basically, "BM__TimeStart" will begin clocking the time as the below actions run through until it reaches "BM__TimeEnd." After I have that timing i was able to convert it into min and sec using two separate "Set Variable to Calculation" actions that convert the numbers, you'll see them displayed as:

  1. "BM__BounceTimeDiffMinutes"

I then pull those variables into my notification so I can see the time.

Unfortunately this only gives me the time it takes for one task to complete. Since there are several tasks for any sequence I'll have to figure that out. As it stands now before i start a sequence each task has already been declared as a variable. So really I just need to figure out how to multiply the amount of declared variables by the time it takes to complete 1 task...but I digress. Hopefully this is somewhat helpful in regards to the time display issue.