Convoluted prompt results between two programs

I'm a newbie with KM and need some help with a pretty convoluted portion of a larger macro.

I'm attempting to create a macro that involves two software programs (Finale and Cubase). The macro will be executed in Finale. I'm stuck at one point that involves prompting as to whether or not the other program (Cubase) is open and if not, which Cubase file to open. So here's how it would go.

During the macro in in Finale I get a prompt: Is the Cubase target file open and active?

  Button:  Yes 
  Button:  No 

If "Button: Yes" is selected, the macro continues in Finale.

If "Button: No" is selected, I want a new prompt containing two new buttons asking for which Cubase file to open: "Template" or "Specific Cue". "Template" would open a go-to template file that always lives in the same spot. Once this is selected, the macro would continue in Finale once the Cubase template file is finished loading and is open. If I selected "Specific Cue", this would ideally then take the name of the Finale file currently open and search for a Cubase file with the corresponding name and open that file (all my files have specific naming schemes). Once the Cubase file is located, opened and is finished loading the macro would continue in Finale. If there is no way to find a specific Cubase file based upon a Finale file name, I'm also willing to locate the Cubase file myself and then have the macro continue in Finale.

I hope this makes sense! (and is possible . . .)


Hey Jonathan,

All that should be possible and more.

Here's a few hints:

Prompt for User Input action

Prompt With List action

Switch or Case action

Files can be found with the Unix find tool or mdfind in an Execute a Shell Script action, or with AppleScriptObjC in an Execute an AppleScript action.

I don't have time to monkey with this at the moment, but hopefully I've given you enough to get started.