Cool IOS Automation App

Hey have you guys seen this?

Cool toy. Perfect for us automation types.

It’s free but there is an in app purchase which basically lets you send your palettes to other people. Link to the free app Quadro

Has anyone tried it? It does sound cool.

I had once the previous version Actions for iPad installed and also made on YT a review.
The drawback is here on the one hand the subscription fees and the requirement of an iPad’s / iPhone’s.

You have a better and more comprehensive use with the macros / actions here in Keyboard Maestro. For the control of the Macros with the trackpad or the mouse I use the software BetterTouch Tool. The benefit to more costs me then only once 35, - € (Germany).

Yes. You install a “Helper” tool on the Mac, which gets auto-launched via launchd. Then you can remote-control your Mac from the iPad/iPhone. Kind of a VNC, with the difference that you can easily create big, colorful shortcut buttons on the iPad to perform certain tasks like “Launch app xyz”. You can also access menu items of apps etc., and probably some more stuff which I haven’t explored.

May be useful if you have tasks that you plan to perform repeatedly. But, as far as I can tell, nothing you couldn’t do with the KM iOS app as well.