Copy an Excel Record and Fill Data Fields on Multiple Websites

Hello All. I'm new here and considering KM to make my work life easier. I was hoping someone could let me know if what I would like to do, is possible. I have an Excel Sheet that I input general data for each customer, use that data to fill out multiple entries to different online sites. For example, First Name, Last Name, email, phone, Property address, City, State, Zip. Unfortunately, each site is different, so I'm not able to copy the First Name and pasted on each site, then move to Last name and paste on each site, etc.

My idea was to use a Stream Deck, using one button for each field. Pulling data from Excel, to KM, to the Stream Deck. I was thinking of entering data to the Excel sheet, have the hotkey reference a specific cell so that I don't have to reset the hotkey after each customer, use a hotkey that corresponds to each field. Then click on the field in a site, and use the corresponding hot key to paste on the site. I would reset the excel sheet after each customer.

I have doing my best to search this forum to find an answer, but I figured I would ask. I really appreciate any feedback you have.

Thank you!

Hey @digilewi,

On its face what you propose ought to be doable.

  • Search for a customer record in Excel.
  • Copy the entire record.
    • Split into variables.
    • Access those variables via Stream Deck.

One could get even more sophisticated by adding Python into the mix and reading the Excel worksheet without using Excel, but that would be an exercise for a moderately advanced user.

Depending upon the number and quality of the websites it might also be possible to set up macros to auto-fill the given fields. But again – this is an exercise for a moderately advanced user.

Make something that works now – improve at your leisure.


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This is awesome! Thank you Chris. I've been racking my brain for a few weeks. This will definitely help.

Thanks again!

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Welcome to the forum!  :sunglasses:

People are friendly here, so don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

  • Search the forum, before asking questions.
    • I usually try the forum search and do a Google site-search.
    • Don't bang your head against the wall.
      • If you can't find something promising within a 10-30 minutes then ask for help.
  • Don't bang your head against the wall when creating macros either.
    • If you fail to make progress for 20 minutes to an hour it's time to holler uncle and ask for help.

On the other hand – people who are new to Keyboard Maestro have a lot to learn and many want to run before they can walk.

  • Look at and experiment with KM's default macros.
  • Search the forum and play with macros you find interesting.
  • Remember to use the search field in the help menu of the Keyboard Maestro Editor.
  • Examine the menus of the editor carefully, so you get a feel for what's there.
    • Especially the insert items in the Edit menu (note the keyboard shortcuts).
    • Look at the sort and select options in the View menu.
    • Hold down the Option key when perusing the Edit menu to see help links to the Keyboard Maestro wiki.
    • Be aware of the Wiki as a resource.

Take a look at this guide if you haven't already:


Thanks Chris! Wasn't really sure where to start. But this helps. Hopefully I can get pretty far on my own, but I'll be sure to take your advice on not waiting forever before I decide to ask for help.

Thanks again!


Hi Chris! I am really stuck. I'm not sure where to start. I've searched google and the forum. Any direction you can provide would be appreciated.

Not Chris, but my suggestion would be to first do the process manually and write down every step you take. You can then try to automate any of those steps, doing the rest manually, then automate another step, and gradually build up a complete macro. You can then finesse the macro -- for example, you might start by switching between Excel and your browser and copy'n'pasting one cell at a time, then progress to copying the row in Excel, splitting it into KM variables, switching to the browser and filling in the fields using those variables.

The specifics will depend on your spreadsheet setup, the web pages you are trying to fill, and much else. But it always helps to start with a plan.

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Create a real-world example of your Excel spreadsheet with some fake data and at least 3 or 4 records, zip it, and post it to the forum.

If possible provide a screenshot or an URL to an exemplar of where you would be filling the data.