Copy and Paste Not Consistenly Working

This is a weird one but I'm experiencing an issue where using KM to copy from certain apps or websites just doesn't work, regardless of if I'm using a keystroke, menu, or the native copy paste KM actions. It frequently doesn't work for me in chrome on the web version of AirTable when copying and pasting cells, yet when I manually copy and paste there are never any issues. I also have issues with the AirTable desktop app when in a certain mode called an interface. I've tried creating a repeating action and giving a generous delay and it just won't function consistently. Has anyone dealt with a problem like this before? I can't understand why a particular site/app would have issues.

Keyboard Maestro’s Copy actions all work by simulating the Command-C key.

In theory, they should get the exact same result as pressing Command-C yourself, and for a web app, that should certainly be the case, they should not be able to tell the difference.

That said, web apps may try to do clever things with handling keystrokes, and sometimes deliberated intercept Command-C (or Command-V). It's hard to know what the issue might specifically be in this case.

May I suggest with something like this it is worth emailing tech support at Airtable with these two questions:-
1: Does anybody at Airtable support use Keyboard Maestro ?
2: Outline your problem and ask for their help

This way you are on the inside track for any peculiar behaviour within the app.