Copy Apple Note URL

I cobbled together a macro that uses image find feature to be able to copy URLs of notes quickly. It's actually pretty fast and reliable despite it being a major hack and kind of a messy way to automate this.

Note URL.kmmacros (84.1 KB)

The only downside is that it shows the little share icon now next to those notes. Not the end of the world but really wish there was a more native way to do this and reserve sharing for what it is intended to do.

Is there any apple script way of extracting the xcallbackURL? I saw on iOS that they were able to do this with Shortcuts but it's again very hacky and requires you to select a string from a large text field to even get the link.

If not will continue with my hack, thanks!

Any progress with this? Would love a way to link Notes in my other apps like Notion/Todoist.

Also what version of Notes are you on? I'm on 10.15.7 Catalina and my icons look different from yours (in addition to being in Light mode not Dark mode).

Maybe a "Search Highlighted Text String in Notes" would be better, although it hurts my soul a bit. The search is quick