Copy as (Hook) Markdown link

The excellent and innovative Hook application provides a URL scheme which lets us

  1. Quickly obtain a Markdown link to any document or other resource,
  2. and even customize (in AppleScript or JavaScript for Automation) exactly what the link is to, and how it's built.

Hook is in an early stage of its design journey, and I personally don't yet find that its pop-up window is always worth the trouble of fetching, using, and dismissing it, but, as usual, Keyboard Maestro comes to the rescue.

Hook may well add its own shortcut in due course, but here, in the meanwhile, is a basic approach to a single-key-stroke Copy as (Hook) Markdown link, bypassing the manual summoning etc of the Hook popup window.

Copy as (Hook) Markdown link.kmmacros (20 KB)

(for background, see


Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a good idea and also your thoughts on how you use Hook.

Not so eager to add another app to daily use, but less robust links can still be created for Finder files and anything Internet in any case can be linked, and OmniFocus projects can be linked too. So the idea can perhaps be leveraged in that way also.

Already thinking that if I can assign a tag "high-priority" to select OmniFocus projects, and have those projects be extracted and linked to in a markdown file which is front and center every morning and at the click of a button. Of late, have created a markdown file per OmniFocus project that needs some work - so that free flowing notes can be retained in one place for every project. Kind of what you describe in your linked Hook writeup.

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on second thoughts, perhaps a suitable perspective in Omnifocus that displays high-priority projects is good enough. anyhow the idea of having a summary text document related to every project, does sound like a good idea.

⌥⌘M minimizes most everything, so I don't see how that can work.

And it doesn't work here, either. If I click on a Finder file and use the macro, the clipboard remains as it was and Finder minimizes.

Then again ... now I see Copy Markdown Link is a pro feature, and I'm still in trial mode.

@DrMajorBob Keyboard Maestro actually can override system keyboard shortcuts, even the very basic ones like ⌘C, ⌘H, and also ⌥⌘M. Are you sure you enabled the macro after importing? It imports in disabled state.

Note for others: It seems that Hook changed it default shortcut to ⇧⌘Space, so make sure to update it to make this macro work.

As I said before, I wasn't using the paid version of Hook yet, so Markdown links were not enabled.

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