Copy Content (Text and Images) of a Selected in Finder RTF File to the Clipboard

Is it possible to create a macro which sends the content (text and images) of a selected in Finder RTF file to the clipboard?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Yes. The Read File to System Clipboard Action should do what you want.

EXAMPLE Copy Contents of Selected Finder File to Clipboard.kmmacros (2.6 KB)
EXAMPLE Copy Contents of Selected Finder File to Clipboard

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Thank you very much!

How would I modify the macro with PathFinder or Forklift instead of Finder?

I'm sorry, I don't use those Apps so, I can't give you detailed instructions. But Read File to System Clipboard can work with a path so, if you can get the file path into a Variable that might be the way to go.


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I will work on it. thanks very very much !!

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Hey @ronald,

See this for Path Finder. It does not do what you want, but it shows how to get the selection with AppleScript.

Automating Path Finder

ForkLift is not scriptable to any degree – complain to the developer!

But you can copy the path of the selected item to the clipboard and harvest that with Keyboard Maestro.


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Thank you @ccstone.

The excellent @Zabobon 's suggestion solved my problem using this action:

Your Macro below was very useful to help me understand how to pass KM variables to and from AppleScript which makes me wonder if it would be useful to have a supplemental "teaching macro" library as part of the macro library. These macros would start with a comment describing the teaching points and their pitfalls.

Automating Path Finder

Hi again, just a minute microscopic comment. It could perhaps make your posts easier to read if actions where displayed in a lighter color.

Once again thanks very much for your help without which I could not have progressed.

A comparison below