Copy (F1) Paste (F2) Cut (F3) Paste as Text (F4)

Have used Autohotkey on Windows and now switched to Mac. I'm trying to use single keys for copy, paste, cut and past as text. Would like to set these to F1 till F4 keys for easy access and quick copy-pasting.
Tried Keyboard Maestro with simple hotkey connected to copy etc, but this is not working somehow. Adjusting the mac keyboard settings works in some programs but for example not in google sheets, which I use the most. Any solution?

Hi and welcome Gertjan

Safari needs special permissions:
Enable Develop menu in Safari preferences

then, in the Develop menu, enable
"Allow JavaScript from Apple Events"

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 9.16 AM

same for Chrome, needs Allow Javascript something

hope that helps

can you elaborate on what programs the keys don't work, and show an image of your workflow

Hey @Gertjan,

I suspect you erred somewhere.

Make sure your macro group and macros are enabled and active globally.

Check out the view menu with the relevant macro group selected:


Do the same with the macros (although the menu item will say 'Disable Macro' or 'Enable Macro').

It's this easy.


Copy.kmmacros (1.4 KB)

Paste.kmmacros (1.4 KB)

Hi Guys, thanks for the warm welcome. It was a newbie error. The keyboard maestro engine was not running in the background yet, and I had to give permissions in the settings. So [Copy (F1) Paste (F2) Cut (F3) are working now, quite simple and elegant very happy with it!

Paste as Text (F4) i'm still looking to find the right action. Should I use [Insert_Text_by_Pasting] as the action?

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yes that should work fine