Copy name - address fields from current FMP record to Google Sheets

I looking for a better way to automate this. Right now, I am just coping each field manually one by one, and manual paste for each field. Looking for idea how to use KM, to copy some fields over to Google Sheets. I am flexible as to how much interaction I can supply, just so I can cut down on the number or steps involved. Using FM 16 Advanced. Any tips to get me started would be great. I did browse some older posts that involve KM and AS, just not sure if those steps are still valid or best way.

Thanks in advance.

My assumptions
Step 1 - Assign KM Variables in KM Prefs
Step 2 - Filemaker AS to copy necessary fields to AS Variables
Step 3 - KM - Macro to copy AS variables to KM Variables
Step 4 - KM - Marco to copy KM Variables over to Google Sheet cells.

Does this sound like it will work, or is this not the correct approach?

Tried exporting to CSV or Excel?
those two formats can be imported in Google Sheets.

You could do it like that, but IMO Steps 3 & 4 are not necessary.
Since you already have to use AppleScript to get the data from FM, I would just go ahead and stay in the same script and send a JavaScript from it to Google Chrome to put into Google Sheets.

In this case all the work is being done by two scripts: AppleScript and JavaScript.
So I don't see much added value by using KM. (and please note I'm a huge KM fan. If there was a better KM solution I would point it out).

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Okay, thank you very much for the input, now I have a direction.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

At this stage I don't want to spend a lot of time to learn Javascript, or Google API - JSON Put, to do this more automatically, so I am going with the simple approach for now to reduce key-stokes. Google Sheets has a split text into columns function, so all I need to do (in filemaker) is combine each of the fields I want using a text result calculation separated by a "," delimiter, copy that one field, paste into first column of the google sheet, and use the split text function. That gives me what I want and it's basically one copy, one paste per record I want. I'm only doing 3-4 per day maximum, so that is acceptable time wise for my approach.

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I was also thinking that the right way of doing it, is just like FatPanda, however it is not even close. I have tried to Assign KM Variables in KM Prefs and after that to Macro to copy AS variables to KM Variables, but this did not work, not at all. It gives a freaking error, and I do not know how to fix it after that! I actually think that exporting to CSV or Excel, especially to Excel has to be the best option. I have read something about a similar project on, however I do not really think it would work on CSV.