Copy on Windows with Remote Desktop

I have a Mac with Remote Desktop for a software of my company.
I want copy some text in RM (with Windows command ctrl+C) and paste it on my Mac but the copy command don’t works on RM.
I’ve tried doing a Type a Keystroke action, but ctrl+C works as cmd+C and don’t copy anything.

Can You help me?

What is "RM"?

Are you trying to control Remote Desktop on another mac from your pc?

(if so, be sure to enable "Allow control of this computer when this application is running under the "Security" tab. Also see the additional items at the bottom of this panel with checkmarks and see if there are items you wish to run that may be disabled.).

If you are using screen sharing via VNC, I am not sure if it can be done. With two macs in order to copy text from one computer to the other launch the Screen Sharing app and select the "Edit" menu and check "Use Shared Clipboard".