Copy/Paste action(s) from another computer using Synergy

I use Synergy to move my mouse between a few computers - all of which have KM on them.

Synergy also copies the clipboard contents, but when I copy an action in KM on one computer and try to paste it onto another, nothing happens that I can tell.

When I check the clipboard on the destination computer there is some text that appears to have made it over - it just likely isn't in the right format to paste it.

A similar issue happens with a clipboard manager that keeps a history of the clipboard. I can only paste the most recent copied action and nothing from the past.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can process the clipboard to turn it back into a paste-able KM action?

If the text is complete, you could try a Filter action set to Remove Styles. That would convert it to plain text.

If it's incomplete, maybe show an example of what's being copied and what ends up on the destination System Clipboard.

Yeah maybe - but what do you mean by "complete"? Do you mean if it hasn't been cut off or distorted or did you mean something else?

Yes, I suppose that's what I meant. You said it might be formatted incorrectly, so I wondered if the text was there but just wouldn't paste. I don't know anything about Synergy I'm afraid, so I was clutching at straws.