Copy / paste formatting in Mindnode (or any Mac app)

I have had no luck trying to figure out if this is possible in keyboard maestro - so thought i'd see if anyone in the forum might have ideas from having done something similar in another app

Mindnode has a command to copy the format of a node: ⌥⌘C
And to paste the style to another node: ⌥⌘V

i have been trying to figure out way to "copy' various styles that i use repeatedly and be able to paste them to other nodes when needed WITHOUT having to each time copy style from another node of the style i want

could invoke potentially with a conflict palette initiated with hotkey to enable choosing from multiple styles

need the macro to access the "copied" style and then paste on to a selected node (position cursor on node whose format want to change / invoke KM to change format to the chosen style)

Welcome any ideas... maybe AppleScript (with which i am not very familiar) could help?

in case of help re: my question, see image below.
Example: if i wanted to change round node with green background to a rectangular node with yellow background, i would position mouse on rectangle/ enter ⌥⌘C to copy the formatting style - and then click on the round node / enter ⌥⌘V, which would change the formatting of the round node to a rectangle with yellow background
Would like to just be able to click on round node and invoke KM macro to "paste" a style on to round node (so don't have to first copy style of another node - the KM macro would have info on styles to be pasted)


First and probably easiest thing to try: see if you can copy a style you want to save to a Named Clipboard, then try pasting the style from that same clipboard. If that works, all you'll need is a series of macros with different clipboards that paste different styles.

Thanks very much for the suggestion. there may be a way to make that work..

Can't figure out where what I "copy" *(the style) goes when I initiate the copy command - no text, etc copied - just the "style" so does not seem to go to clipboard (and therefore be able to be copied to a named clipboard)

In meantime, I played around some more and got the following to work, which might help others think of better way to implement in a macro:

  1. click on node I want to CHANGE format for
  2. set cursor at that location
  3. search for Found Image of node with format style I want - click in middle of that node
  4. initiate Copy Format command ⌥⌘C
  5. Return cursor to start position / Click
  6. Initiate Paste Format ⌥⌘V

This works.

BUT it requires me to have the node with style visible on my screen when I invoke the macro - perhaps I could have a popup appear when I invoke the macro (popup over the Mindnode file in a different Mindnode file that holds the vvarious styles I might use / click on image / return to operative Mindnode file in which want to change the format of a node)