Copy paste from documents


I'd like to copy/ paste texts from one document to another. Here are the steps:

select the text (I will do that manually) from document 1
command-tab to the other document
hit enter for new line
command-tab to document 1

Is there a way to specify the documents name so it doesn't go to another document?

This is what I have come up with so far.


We need some more infomation.
Which programs are you using.
Does the names of the documents change from time to time, when you use the macro?

What is the end goal you need to accomplish?

You can use the Activate Application Action to switch to a specific app.
That will bring focus to the frontmost window of that app.
You could then do a If Then Else Action and test the front window name to see if it is the one that you want.
If not, then I think you may need an AppleScript to find the window you want, or to allow you to select the window.

Here's an example: