Copy & Paste into a different App

I am a new user and apologize for posting what may be a very basic question, but I haven’t been able to find a response by searching older posts.
I’m trying to use KB to do the following:

  1. Select all text in a document (text is typed in Bear app);
  2. Then, open OmniOutliner and create a new document;
  3. Then, paste the text into the newly opened OOL document

So far, I have been able to select and copy the text, and open OmniOutliner, but I cannot open a new file in OL and paste the text.

Again, I apologize for asking about what may be a simple process for most of you, but I would appreciate any guidance you can provide.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hi Tim,

What exactly happens when you try to have KM open a new OOL file and paste? I’m guessing it might be a timing issue, but without more details we can’t be of much help. If you can post the macro you have now, we can get a better idea of what might be going wrong. You can find instructions on how to upload your macro to the forum here:

Thank you for the quick reply, Gabe. I will post as soon as I get to work. In the meantime, it is more of an issue of not knowing how to get KB to open the new file. I have been trying to do it with a move/ double click cursor at the open new document icon on OmniOutliner, but no joy with that so far. Again, I will post what I have so far in about an hour (and, don’t laugh if you see something totally newb in my attempt :slight_smile:slight_smile:

Copy Text and Open in OOL.kmmacros (3.7 KB)

Gabe and All, I have uploaded the macro per the instructions. As noted, I start with text in the app Bear. Basically, I want to select all that text and open it in OmniOutliner as a new file. I’m stuck at opening the new file in OOL. Thank you again for your input and patience. Best,

Thanks for uploading, Tim. I don’t use Bear or OOL, so I can’t test a working macro myself, but I can offer some advice.

I’m certain that OOL must have a way of making a new document from the menu, so instead of double-clicking a button, try using the Select or Show a Menu Item action to execute OOL’s New Document command from its File menu.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the new document is open and ready to receive the text before it’s pasted, so try adding a Pause Until action that pauses until the front window title contains text that is always present in new OOL documents (ideally, this text should be something unique to a new or unsaved document, rather than text that is present everywhere in OOL’s interface).

These steps should go a long way to getting this macro to do what you want. Good luck, and feel free to post again with further questions if you have them.

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