Copy & Paste - Monitor one app, auto copy and paste it to another app

A bit of background would help clarifies my dilemma, I think:

  • I am a class assistant that helps instructors run classes that can host up to 100 people using Zoom/Webex. And sometime there can be concurrent sessions.
  • People can ask in the chat room of Zoom/Webex with specific template words like: "ID: ___ , Issue:, Question:"
  • My job is to manually copy and paste this question into Slack for my other colleagues to help answer the questions.

My request is: how can KM help me monitor the conference's chat for specific words trigger (ID, Issue, and Question) and then automatically select the question, copy and then open Slack in a certain channel and paste it there?

What are you experts thoughts in this?

With Thanks.


I have no experience with Webex, but I used Zoom on a daily basis for over two years during the pandemic and I can say this about it: automating it is an absolute nightmare and nigh near impossible due to it’s lack of accessibility features. Every AppleScript or macro I wrote for it would become obsolete with each version update because Zoom constantly changes major things with their platforms. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it may be more work than it’s worth.

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The success I've had with Zoom and other conferencing software has been leveraging their default keyboard shortcuts within Keyboard Maestro. For instance, I have a Zoom palette with buttons for Mute/Unmute, Video on/off, and start screenshare, all via Zoom keyboard shortcuts.

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Thank you cdthomer,
Maybe not complete automation then.
How would I scan/waiting for such input and then KM gives me a display text for me to manually copy and paste myself. The reason is because sometime I missed it due to silenced notification.
How do I select a designated area for input monitoring of certain words and give me alerts to action on it when certain words come up?

Thank you for your help