Copy Path of FrontMost Document of FrontMost Application to Clipboard

I would like to get the filename or file path of the file I'm currently working on (not Finder selection) and copy to the clipboard.

Is there a way to do this in KM?

Hey @sccardais,

Probably not with 100% reliability — it depends upon how well the developer has implemented accessibility in their app.

But this macro should work most of the time:

Finding the file path for an open document in the Front Application


Thanks very much Chris.

I’m new to Keyboard Maestro so I’m sure this is an ultra-newbie question but is there an action I can add to the macro you sent that will copy the filename to the clipboard?

Thanks very much.


Hey Scott,


Remember that you can use A to bring up the action-selector.

Keyboard Maestro Editor > Edit > Insert Action > By Name

It has a smart search, so you can search for something like “clip var” to find items that share clipboard and variable.

What you want is the Set Clipboard to Text action:

NOTE — you can directly send the result of an AppleScript to the clipboard, so by rewriting the AppleScript you could have just one action.


The topic and URL for the macro in post #2 has changed.


Thanks, Chris.

Worked like a charm.