Copy Selected Files in the Finder to a Certain Location


I'm currently creating a macro to copy selected files to another location, which I'm currently using as my printer hold folder to print later.

However, the macro only allows one file transfer at a time. So I got into a habit, moving multiple files only to find out that the macro failed because the macro was able to capture one file's path at a time.

I would solve this on my own by doing several internet searches, but I would want to see what you guys have in mind since I'm not really good with this.

If you want, you can have a look at the macro I set up. It's basically a copy & paste from one of Peter's macros.

[Pre-Press] Transfer files to Versant 2100 - Fiery Hold folder.kmmacros (5.0 KB)

I am probably misunderstanding exactly what you want to achieve. But the title of your question is "Highlighting multiple files and copy to a certain location"

If you are multiple-selecting several files in the Finder, then this much simpler Macro happily copies them all to a designated folder (just change the path to the Folder you want in the single Action).

But apologies if I am over-simplifying the aim of your Macro :smiling_face:

EXAMPLE Move Files To Folder.kmmacros (27.0 KB)