Copy Text From a Web Page Text Field Into a Variable


I'm struggling with a quite simple task:

On a HTML page (Chrome) there is a text field I like to copy the text into a variable and use it later.

<p class="form-field _billing_email_field ">
<label for="_billing_email">E-postadresse</label><input type="text" class="short" style="" name="_billing_email" I'd="_billing_email" value=“" placeholder=""> </p>

It’s the value “” I like to store in a variable.

I have tried all of the following:

Copy JS path:

Copy xpath:

Copy full xpath:

Writing to the same fields is no problem...

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Hey Lars,





If you try this the console of Safari or Google Chrome you can paste:

document.querySelector("#_billing_email").<-- Note the dot

When you type the dot, the editor will give you the available parameters.



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Thank you ccystone!

This worked:


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