Copy Text From Telegram Messenger and Paste into VS Code


  1. I need to copy a text from Telegram when I click the text and paste to VS Code automatically.
  2. If possible, After step1, execute a command e.g. "node file" automatically in the Terminal.

I'm a newbie and i have no idea how to set up at all.

Please show me how I can set it up.


Don't worry about being a newb. Everyone here is a newb at something, and everyone is our superior at something.

Perhaps nobody answered because nobody uses those apps. It's hard to give advice on apps when you don't have them. And then you mention a command in step 2 called "node". That's not a macOS app. What is it? At this point there are so many open questions I don't know what the correct approach would be. KM supports approaches that deal with keyboard shortcuts, mouse clicks, screen image searching, AppleScript commands, and more. One possible way forward is for you to create a video of what you do and if we could see that maybe someone could step up and give some advice. Do you know how to take videos of your screen using the builtin macOS capabilities (CMD-SHIFT-5, record a video, then upload to Youtube)?

Overall, your request doesn't sound too difficult, but without knowing how those apps work, it's tough to help.

If you can do everything (or most things) with the keyboard (and a few with the mouse usually doesn't hurt), and you tell us what those keystrokes (and mouse clicks) are, then there's a much better chance that someone can help. Eg,

  • I click on the Telegram window.
  • I click on the top message.
  • I press CMD-C
  • I switch to the VS window
  • etc.

P.S. There are two different Telegram apps from the same company on the Apple App Store and the correct solution almost certainly depends upon which one you have.