Copy to markdown KM macro not working in Edge or Firefox browsers

I’m successfully using a macro with Safari to copy text from a website (quote), along with the title of the article and its url to my clipboard and pasting in a text document as below:


Set Variable “Quote” to:
- [%FrontBrowserTitle%] (%FrontBrowserURL%)
Set Clipboard to plain text

This does not work for Microsoft Edge or Firefox. The quote is pasted, but the title shows [Not Running]( no URL shown) Anyone know why?

I believe that this is because there is no AppleScript support in those apps. Firefox in particular is notoriously difficult to deal with, and I assume Edge is just as bad because Microsoft (with the possible exception of the Office team) makes terrible Mac apps.

You can’t even get that information with document.title and document.URL from Firefox.


Thanks; I didn't know that.

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