Copying a hyperlink to a particular FoldingText 3 file and line

Copy ft3doc: URL for selected line in FoldingText 3.kmmacros (19.9 KB)

A very interesting feature of the FoldingText 3 for Atom beta is that you can create persistent hyperlinks to particular lines in other outline files by simple drag and ctrl-drop.

( i.e. turn your outline notes (they are standard html outlines with an .ftml extension) into a light wiki system )

Here is a macro for quickly copying hyperlinks (to lines in FoldingText files) which can be used from other applications. The url scheme for these links is ft3doc://, which needs to be installed by downloading a helper app (actually a very simple applescript saved as an app bundle), running it once, and keeping it somewhere on your system. (I personally have it in /Applications).

Files and installation details for ft3doc:// can be found in the Github repository. The best way to obtain the files is probably to download and unzip the compressed version of the repository from the Download Zip button on this page.


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