Copying Headings from slightly differing PowerPoint slides

Hi everyone in this amazing community. I just started a new job with a lot of repetitive tasks and decided to look into automating them. Within days I have become hooked, having read dozens of threads, tutorials etc and creating macros that have already streamlined my workflow to an insane degree.

I am trying to figure things out by myself, and I have figured out how to use variables, inputs and repeats to create changeable macros that can adapt to different numbers, but have a question, and will probably have more in future.

We work with PowerPoint presentations, and the headings of these need to be individually pasted over to be part of the title of corresponding videos we create using them.

Mostly the headings are at the top in the middle, but sometimes they are slightly lower, beneath a small subheading. I thought about using a mouse position to click on it select all and copy, with PowerPoint being made full screen for consistency, but these occasional formatting quirks could throw it off.

The headings are also orange and are usually the only orange things in the frame, could I use that in some way?

What would be the best way to copy the heading of each PowerPoint slide in a presentation to some kind of clipboard/database which I could then call them back, in order, to be pasted as part of a naming formula for the videos?

I hope that’s clear, I really appreciate any help or suggestions, this program is powerful! I have a workflow where a huge amount could be automated, saving me and at least 16 other teams members HOURS, but I don’t have much free time to mess around with the program at the moment.

TL:DR How can you automatically copy all Orange Text headings of a PowerPoint Presentation that vary mildly in position, then individually summon them back in order later?

This might be a stretch but the python-pptx package might form the base for some python programming that gets what you want - RELIABLY.

pip install python-pptx

would get you the package - if you have pip installed.

That python looks interesting thanks! It probably could do it but since it’s for this purpose alive I don’t think it’s worth learning all that. I’ve gotten a little further on it. Looks like VBA might be the way to go. One found several scripts that extract the text to a separate document, buy yet to find hour to base that extraction on text colour