Copying Text from Safari to Scrivener

This is an updated version of makro from 2018. It has been working perfect but it seems that executing it after having selected a fairly large text on screen, like from a newspaper... it will abort.

Is there any limits size wise?

If I simply use the standard copy/paste function in MacOS there is no problem to get all selected text pasted into the scrivener document.

Any suggestions are welcome

I hope this gets posted correctly. It has been so long since I had a KM problem :smiley:

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Palle Jensen

4_Scriv_Copy_Paste.kmmacros (12 KB)

Macro Image

Since I also have a MacMini M1 I tested it there. The macro runs fine there... I am curious what causes it to abort on the iMac 27-5K!

Must mention that the selected area includes a number of photos / graphs.
The text in itself is about 23k characters, according to BBEdit

This may have to do with the system limit on environment variables. Keyboard Maestro script actions stop working if your total variable storage approaches 256K with a message in the Engine log that the variable has been “excluded from environment to ensure the environment is not too large.”

Ok, I looked into the log and this is all I see:

2021-09-26 19:00:57 Execute macro “4_Scriv_Copy_Paste” from trigger The Hot Key ⌃F9 is pressed
2021-09-26 19:01:07 Action timeout exceeded.. Macro “4_Scriv_Copy_Paste” cancelled (while executing Copy).

Is this what you mention?

Nope. An action in your macro is timing out. That's a different problem entirely.

I have not used the debugger actions myself, but in this case, since the issue with a particular action, it might be helpful to use the debugger actions to find out which action is the cause.