CorelDraw (or Illustrator or Affinity Designer) with Some Copy/Paste from a JSON Text File #hireexpert

Hey Guys!

First of all – I'd love to do this macro myselft... however I'm brand new to KM, lack of time a little bit and this one have huge impact of me.

Let's say I have on my Dropbox Drive a TON of text files with different JSON data as shown below.

  "Name" : "AwesomeMacro", 
  "Size”: "25x25",
  "Font": "TrajanPro”,
  "line1”: "Text1”

So! Here comes the scenario I want to achieve:

  • Pick OLDEST file in folder
  • (Here I'm quite confused how to setup data from txt file to variables)
  • Open file %json.size%.CDR (Corel Draw Format)
  • Paste json.line1 to line1 layer in Corel
  • Set font in line 1 to json.font
  • Export it as PDF to folder /done/
  • Save project to folder /project/
  • Close Corel tab
  • Move json file to /completed folder

If anyone is eligible please let me know! :slight_smile:

I'll let myself bump it up! :slight_smile:

I'll let myself bump it up again!


Do you any initial work on this to share?

Are the files similar to InDesign?