Could someone help me to create a macro, please? (I'm happy to pay for your help)

Hey there!

First things first: I’m not a native english speaker, so I apologize in case my wording sounds weird.
I need some help the create a macro and I’m happy to pay you if you could help me on this. Not sure how difficult it is to create a macro for this task, but I could pay 25$ - 50$.

What should the macro actually do? Filling out a google form over and over again with data from an excel sheet OR google sheet. Not sure if it’s easier to switch between 2 tabs or between a tab or excel. That’s up to you. The spreadsheet will look like this:
Cell 1: Link
Cell 2: Name
Cell 3: Text
Cell 4: Link
Cell 5: Name
Cell 6: Text

The macro needs to:

  1. Open google form
    next field
  2. Choose a specific name in a dropdown menu
    next field
  3. Enter #NAME
    next field
  4. Choose something from a dropdown menu
    next field
  5. Enter #TEXT
    next field
    6.) Choose something from a dropdown menu
    next field
  6. Enter #LINK
    next field
  7. Enter specific text (i.e. #sentence1), enter #TEXT, enter specific text (i.e. #sentence2)
    next field
  8. Submit form
  9. start from 1, but using #Name, #link and #test from the next cells (4-6) and so on.

Honestly… I’ve been trying to set this up since hours, but it doesn’t work. Not sure if that’s because I tell the program to press “down, down, down, down, enter” in order to choose the name from 2) or if that’s because changing programs doesn’t work properly.

Your English is great – no worries there.

Why don’t you upload the macro you have built, and tell us exactly where it does not work as expected?

For us to really help you, we need to see:

  1. Your Google form
  2. Your Excel file

A link to the form, and an attachment with the file would be best, but we can try to work with images of both.

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Thanks for your reply! I’ve deleted my macro the last time because I was way too frustrated, but I’ll try to create another one and will upload it here :slight_smile:

In case someone wants to help creating it from scratch - feel free to ping me.

In and case, we need the info requested above: