Count the number of instances of an image on a page?

I’m looking for a way to contruct a macro which 1) finds an image which may exist in multiple locations on a page, and 2) returns the number of instances of the image on the page.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Use the For Each action with the Found Images collection to find each image. Use the Set Variable to Calculation action to set a variable to 0 to start with, and to add one to it each time through the loop.

I didn't know how to do this until I found Peter's suggestion.

Here's what I came up with for anyone looking to do the same.

Count Image Matches.kmmacros (2.8 KB)

Oh and you'll also get a warning for not using 'VarName' but I didn't see any other way (and it still works).


I'm extremely novice. How do I get that result, say, into the clipboard, ready for pasting?

Which result? This macro counts 0 to multiple occurrences of the same image, but doesn't capture one.

I'm not sure I understand your use case because you would have already provided the image that this macro looks for.

Can you tell us more regarding what you want to do?

Thanks! I should have given more info.

I have a healthcare application. On one of those screens lists the day’s scheduled patients.

I’m looking to automate the counting of patients who are no-shows that day. The only way to do this is to search for the number of occurrences of “no show” on the screen. It’s not a text-searchable method, unfortunately, so I have to use image recognition.

This script works wonderfully, and shows the number of “no show” images on the screen. I just want to be able to paste the result—the number of occurrences of the “no show” phrase—into a spreadsheet.

Ah ok I get it now - of course!

You want the 'Set System Clipboard to Variable' action:

You should be able to paste it then.