Count Words Macro (v9.0.6) not working although nothing's wrong

I am operating on BigSur 11.2.2 and running a very simple word count macro, which I have been using for a while – but since very recently, it's not displaying me any output although the macro hasn't been changed and as per the interactive help everything else is working fine. I've tried switching accessibility on /off in the system preferences, but no avail. The interactive help says the macro does fire - and since I haven't changes anything at all, I wonder how come I don't get any output!? Has anything changed substantially under BigSur so that I need to adapt the macro? Can anyone help clarify? And apologies if my question is silly, I am not a very regular KM user

Count Words Macro (v9.0.6)

Count Words.kmmacros (1.7 KB)

Hi @larilela,

I tried your macro. It works fine on my Mac. So the problem is probably not with your macro?

Did you check if the text selection was "copied" by the copy action?

Did the "Display text briefly" work?

Two first thoughts:

  • Timing The clipboard may not be ready by the time the filter kicks in
  • Mutation It's always harder to understand and debug when a process overwrites its source.

You could try, for example,

  • emptying the clipboard (set it to an empty string)
  • firing the copy action
  • using a Pause Until clipboard is not an empty string delay condition
  • Filtering the new clipboard content once it is there
  • Writing the the filter output to a named variable.

That should make things easier to trace.

Yes , the text is copied - it's just not displayed! (nothing is displayed)

Another step I can think of: try inserting a pause action between the actions to see if it makes difference.

I've figured out the issue by switching to display large: KM notifications were disabled :woman_facepalming:t2:Thanks so much for helping me out anyways