Creat Floating window containing text from Variable

I looked a bit but only found the screenshot floating window macro and also the ‘scratchpad’ macro, which are both good.
But my goal is to have a macro that will:
Create a floating window that contains the text from a variable.
That will remember it’s size and location on the screen.
Could someone give me a jump start?

The solution to that would be a Custom HTML Prompt window. It will have to load and save the window size and position itself.

You can implement the KMWillShowWindow() and KMWillCloseWindow() functions in JavaScript to set and save the window size using the window.KeyboardMaestro.GetVariable() and window.KeyboardMaestro.SetVariable() and window.KeyboardMaestro.ResizeWindow() functions.

thanx, I did look at
Custom HTML Prompt that Saves Size and Position.kmmacros
and am starting to get my head around it. But am not completely there.

Was hoping that some kind soul might have a basic example of the floating window
with a variable reference included (the variable would be text that is displayed in the window)
I’ve looked inside the “Fancy Mac-Like HTML Prompts Library” and am getting closer but can’t figure out how to not have a window title - and only show the variable text.