Create a Collage From a Batch of Images?

Does something like this exist … or could it?

I often have to take a number of small screenshots, then open each one up separately (in preview), position them in the best way I see fit, then grab a screenshot of these arranged.

Is it possible to have something whereby I can select a batch of images and for one combined image to be created? Ideally, something that is able to make the best use of space, fitting the different shaped images together masonry-style?

If not a KM solution, any other apps or workflows out there which could do this that you know know of?

there's a recent thread about it:

hope it gives you some pointers

There are surely ways to use Keyboard Maestro's Image actions to do this but, as suggested in this post, I personally created a macro that uses ImageMagick's Montage function. Well, I admit, it's not the easiest thing to implement but ImageMagick offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to manipulating images.

Here is an example:


Do not hesitate if you have any questions...


I just bought an app with Bundlehunt that might offer a good solution: PhotoStitcher.

I have not used it yet, so it may or may not be what you want.