Create a macro to show specific variables

Howdy all, I find myself manually checking specific variables as I work on and tweak different macros.

I came across this thread (View variable values while debugging?) where it was mentioned you can create a macro that will show certain variables but I have searched and not found how to actually do that.

So my question is simple: how do I create a macro that will show me a list of the variables that I specify?

Thanks yall!

Hi Chris,

Fortunately, the answer to your question is just as simple: create a macro with a single "Display Text" action, and list the variables whose values you want to keep track of. Then every time you run the macro, the window will show you the variables' current values:


If you wanted to get a little fancier, and have a macro that is automatically refreshed with the variables' current values every time you click a button, you could also use a prompt and an Until loop (though be aware that this method will steal the focus away from mouse and keyboard input while it is active, whereas the "Display window" method can be relegated to the background):


Argh now I feel silly because I thought I had seen a "display text" command somewhere and I just couldn't remember.

Both of those methods worked great! I ended up going with the execute until version. Just what I needed, thanks so much!

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