Create a Macro to use a menu item of a running app agent


I'm a beginner here and for creating macros. Thanks for your patience.

I'm trying to create a macro in order to copy text in an Outlook mail message and send it to Antidote's running agent Connectix, to correct copied text.

Before Catalina this was happening automatically but due to security restriction, it does not work. You need to manually copy text. Then go with your mouse in the upper right corner of your screen to click on the Connectix agent logo and select "correct copied text" from the drop-down menu. Editors description

The editor says it will be fixed after December 2020.

Can’t wait so long, so I'm looking to somehow automate this a little bit.

I tried to record the process in KM but the resulting macro does not work always as it uses screen coordinates instead of app (agent) names.

Would appreciate if someone can help or give me some clues.



Search this forum for menu bar apps.

Thank you for the clue @vincent_ardern

I found my way with this TOPIC