Create a New Note in Evernote From Clipboard

Is there anyway I can create a new note in evernote from clipboard using keyboard shortcut?

There's already a shortcut in evernote Cmd+^+N which can create a new note in evernote but the problem is:

  • The note has the untitled note as the title (I want the first line of the copied text to be the note's title)
  • Note opens a new window in evernote with new note (I wan the new note not open a new window in evernote)

Hey There,

What kind of note?

Plain text?

Styled text?

Plain text is easy using an Execute an AppleScript action.

set theText to the clipboard as text
set theTitle to paragraph 1 of theText
set theNotebookName to "Default Notebook"

tell application "Evernote"
  tell notebook theNotebookName
    create note title theTitle with text theText
  end tell
end tell

Styled text is less easy but possible.

There are several threads on the forum about Evernote worth reading - use search to find them.


Thank you, Chris. That’s exactly what I needed. I needed the plain text.

At “Evernote ▹ Preferences ▹ Shortcuts ▹ Paste to Evernote” I have “⌃⌘v”. I have a very simple global KMacro that consists of two Actions: Copy, and Type “⌃⌘v”. This copies the current selection, opens Evernote’s Quick Note window, and pastes the copied selection into it. I click the button “Save to Evernote” and the note is saved, in the background, to Evernote (if Evernote is closed, it doesn’t even open), and the focus returns to the program in which I had made my selection. The title of the Note is the first line of the selected text. Styling is retained.

Evernote is, IME, fussy to work with; after my initial excitement got tempered by many small difficulties, I stopped using it regularly. But this still works for me.

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That is the perfect macro for migrating notes from SimpleNote to Evernote. In SimpleNote, the first line is the title.

It's 2021 with Evernote 10. @ccstone 's script no longer works. Does anyone have a solution for making this work with the new Evernote?

The new Evernote is NOT scriptable.

It very likely will NEVER be AppleScriptable.

It's VAGUELY POSSIBLE that they might add some JavaScript to the Electron app sometime in the future, but I'll be highly surprised.

If you want Evernote 10+ to be scriptable on the Mac then take everyone you know who uses it and start SCREAMING on the Evernote forums for that functionality.

I will not even install Evernote 10+ until I can't use v7.14.1 anymore.